Achieve More Work/Life Balance

1) Plan Ahead: You’ve got so many tasks that you are responsible for and without taking the time to write it all down, it can really magnify in your own mind, causing all kinds of unnecessary stress. Taking a bit of prep time at the beginning of each week to completely plan out your schedule (including your time off) will really reduce your stress levels.

2) Focus, Then Unplug: With iPads and SmartPhones, work is constantly with us, long past the traditional “end of the work day”. The days of leaving work at the office are seemingly long gone, since we all have constant access to tech and more of us are working from a home office; the temptation to check emails or social media accounts is often too hard to resist. Scheduling specific time periods everyday for checking tech and commit to unplugging once the set time period has ended. This will force you to focus on the important tasks at hand and prevent getting sucked into the internet black hole, allowing for a real, concrete distinction between work and personal life.

3) Value Yourself: There’s no faster way to burn out than to under-value yourself. Your time and work are very valuable, so make sure that you are getting enough money to make working worth your while. When you aren’t being adequately compensated for your work, it can cause you to stress out about things that normally wouldn’t bother you.

-Carol Roth

Published by Meg Duke

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