Become engaged in your life again

Nearly everyone experiences periods of depression, anxiety, frustration, or feeling stuck, and deciding to seek help is the first, most audacious step in a person’s mental health journey. Licensed in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and Florida, I specialize in the mental health and well-being of individuals and their families in the reproductive years. We will collaborate to discuss ways to increase insight and awareness for you to become more engaged in your own life in a safe, non-judgmental, solution-focused environment with a sense of humor.

Something unique about my practice is my use of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, which allows us to focus on your changes to help you make progress toward your goals from day one. Together, we will explore how you are coping with the changes in your life and find tools you can use to better manage life transitions.

Additionally, we will work to build communication with your school/work, friends, and loved ones to create the structure and build the coping skills you need to thrive. I specialize in working with people who are experiencing intense reactions to changes, life transitions, feeling overwhelmed, and the disruption all around us.

-Meg Duke, LCSW Supervisor, LSCSW Supervisor, LCDC

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Let go…

Easier said that done, but we all have to start somewhere!

One whole year!

#LetsDiscussWithMeg has cleared the 1 Year mark! Over a year of sharing with y’all, and we have so much further to go!

Big thanks to everyone who has listened, supported, sent messages, and of course, to my sponsors! @yumblekids @myboogieboard @momandaofficial

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Which balls are glass, momma?

I’m back from Cabo! This week, I’m reflecting on a common theme in trainings, with clients, and with friends who are parents, how do we give ourselves grace? How do we know where we can loosen our reigns just a little to help invite more space for parental sanity?

In a training with my mentor a few weeks ago, she quoted Nora Roberts as saying, “Some of the balls you have in the air are made of plastic & some are made of glass.

“If you drop a plastic ball, it bounces, no harm done. If you drop a glass ball, it shatters, so you have to know which balls are glass and which are plastic and prioritize catching the glass ones.”

I’m working hard in my own life to recognize what is vital, and what could maybe take a back seat, or what even could be done away with, even for a short period of time. I invite you to be intentional about reflecting on things you might be able to allow a loved one to help with, and perhaps, are you gatekeeping someone from taking more responsibility? It’s certainly not the case for everyone, but when I reflect upon my time as a parent, there are clear indicators of times I most definitely was gatekeeping.

Which Balls are Glass, Momma? | Let’s Discuss…

Power Outage = Game Night!

Sustainable Self-Care Challenge!

I suggest we form a calming circle! @hocuspocusdisney

This is not a fashion page, but I am participating in @braveproviders Sustainable Self-Care Challenge this week, and I wanted to share that info and this piece with y’all!

I had initially wanted to make a Calming Circle shirt of sorts on my cricut, because duh, therapist, and also, love me some Hocus Pocus, but on a @joann_stores trip with a gal pal, I saw this fabric and diverted plans.

I am, at times, deeply guilty of crafting hubris, which has on more than one occasion seen me in a much worse mood than before I started a project. Fair enough.

But generally, sewing and crafting soothe me. I have a weekly standing zoom call with girlfriends every Wednesday where we process the previous week, discuss future plans, and generally have a lovely kiki, and I’m almost always exclusively sitting at my sewing table.

Rest is productive. 🗣️ Hear me say that! And also, making things with my own hands, especially things I or my family can wear, give me pride and calm the nerves.

What are some things YOU can try to incorporate for a Sustainable Self-Care Challenge moment?? #sustainableselfcarechallenge #braveproviders

Anniversary Times!

I started my social worker journey at Fordham University on this day 11 years ago!

Yes! Walk away!

Fall Semester Begins!

Another semester begins! I’m on the Lawrence campus this semester. I wanted to get the full college campus experience, even if just for one semester. Edwards campus is only 8 minutes away, so it’s tempting to cut that drive down to a third of the time!

This semester, I’m teaching SW810 Clinical Practice Strategies I! First lecture done and dusted, feeling confident and optimistic for a great semester ahead!

Rock Chalk! 💙❤️ @kuschoolofsocialwelfare

Let’s Discuss…

What DON’T we talk about on this episode today, y’all? In true, you’re my new best friend call me every 5 minutes, fashion, Shae and I get into a myriad of topics. From the systemic barriers that prevent people from joining our profession, to how consuming art can help lift us out of our survival mode woes, how tapping to sync electromagnetic energy of the heart and brain, and how we can work to decolonize therapy and stop performative allyship.

Trinity The Tuck also gets a mention in there. Future podcast guest alert? Let’s manifest that now!

We discuss the importance of giving oneself grace and the practice of self-love and acceptance. We discuss finding what feels good in your own body. We discuss why we were all so dang obsessed with Tiger King in 2020. And so much more.

Unstick That Energy, Purse First | Let’s Discuss… with Special Guest, @sharewithshae