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Nearly everyone experiences periods of depression, anxiety, frustration, or feeling stuck, and deciding to seek help is the first, most audacious step in a person’s mental health journey. Licensed in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and Florida, I specialize in the mental health and well-being of individuals and their families in the reproductive years. We will collaborate to discuss ways to increase insight and awareness for you to become more engaged in your own life in a safe, non-judgmental, solution-focused environment with a sense of humor.

Something unique about my practice is my use of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, which allows us to focus on your changes to help you make progress toward your goals from day one. Together, we will explore how you are coping with the changes in your life and find tools you can use to better manage life transitions.

Additionally, we will work to build communication with your school/work, friends, and loved ones to create the structure and build the coping skills you need to thrive. I specialize in working with people who are experiencing intense reactions to changes, life transitions, feeling overwhelmed, and the disruption all around us.

-Meg Duke, LCSW Supervisor, LSCSW Supervisor, LCDC

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This was one topic of discussion between Dr. Brene Brown on Glennon Doyle’s podcast. It’s tough to figure out the answer, and the answer is different for every one of us. Something to contemplate!


Pineapples for fertility!

My son hung the pineapple this year in honor of his sister and his adorable little self, as well as in memory of his siblings not with us earth-side.

The pineapple 🍍 is the symbol of hope for those who are trying to conceive and maintain a pregnancy. For centuries, the pineapple has been recognized as the symbol of hospitality and welcoming. It is now a powerful symbol for people who are trying to conceive (TTC) and working through fertility issues.

I purchased this pineapple ornament last year shortly after we lost sweet Baby B, in his memory, in memory of the two babies who went before him, in honor of the two babies I’m blessed to be raising, and in honor of my compatriots in the struggle against infertility.

It was a beautiful moment, earlier, getting to see my son hang it on our family tree.

1 in 7

You are not alone.

Brown Cow Stunning

Wise words from one of my favorite Queens. I need to keep this in mind as I continue to grow my business and find peaks and valleys. The one and only #BrownCowStunning @iammoniqueheart.

Trigger Warning

Trigger warning, mention of pregnancy loss.
One year ago today, after we had graduated from our fertility doctor to a general obstetrician, after weeks of scans because of a tiny little sac but a perfect and strong heartbeat, we found out we lost our sweet Baby B.
I knew Veterans Day was the day it happened, so I knew today was coming. I decided the best thing for me to do was to watch the video (which I was filming when she said, “I’m not seeing a heartbeat, so I got to literally relive the exact moment) and the photos, experience my feelings, then get on with my day.
I’m not going to judge myself and tell myself I “should” or “shouldn’t” think or feel a certain way. I’m going to allow the thoughts to come and go.
It’s tough, these anniversaries, but I’m going to do what I can to allow myself to experience the memory, the sadness, the loss of a dream, as well as allow those who have reached out to be a part of my healing journey.
I share my story so others can feel supported in experiencing their feelings as they see fit for them. Be vocal, or don’t. Share about it, or don’t. Do you.
A friend sent me this today, and I love the symbolism: Grief is a garden where you can go and spend time with your loved one when you need it. It’s always there to visit.
I voted! And also now have my new favorite pen.

Have your voice be heard, exercise your right to vote!