Anxious Thoughts, Anxious Feelings

For those of us with anxiety, our thoughts can really influence our feelings and behavior. To cope with and overcome anxiety, we need to learn to be mindful of the thoughts we have and how they impact the anxiety we feel.

Take this example. You made dinner plans with a friend, but she didn’t show up. You might have one of the following responses:

  • You may think your friend stood you up, causing you to feel hurt, angry, and/or embarrassed.
  • You may think she got into an accident, leading to concern or anxiety.
  • You may be distracted by something else you had planned and feel relief to have the time to get to that instead.

The thoughts and feelings are different in each of these examples even though the situation remained exactly the same. What kind of anxious thoughts have you been experiencing lately?

-Melissa Wildt, LMHC

Published by Meg Duke

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