A “Natural” Treatment for ADHD

-Neil Petersen

Do you ever get ads trying to sell you such-and-such natural supplement that will treat ADHD? You can thank targeted advertising for that.

It occurred to me, though, that there’s one “natural” ADHD treatment that definitely isn’t a scam … nature.

OK, so it might be a stretch to call nature an ADHD “treatment.” But I do think if you want to get natural in your ADHD management, there’s something to be said for skipping the supplements and going for the real thing – the good old-fashioned outdoors.

For example, here’s one way you can incorporate nature into your ADHD coping toolbox: doing work outside.

As I’ve talked about in many previous posts, people with ADHD often have an especially hard time focusing when they are in unstimulating environments. That’s why things like working in public spaces with background noise or listening to music while you work can be useful ways of getting your ADHD brain into gear. Working outside serves the same purpose – feeling the breeze, hearing the birds, and all that pleasant nature-y stuff can help ease your brain into a more alert state compared with sitting in a quiet room.

Of course, working isn’t the only thing you can do outdoors – if you only go outside to cross items off your to-do list, you’re probably missing out!

After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good walk, run or bike ride in the open air? These are all great ways to clear your mind. And clearing your mind is no small feat when you have ADHD!

Maybe it’s no surprise that some research has even suggested spending time in green outdoor spaces as a way of temporarily improving ADHD symptoms. For example, one study found that children with ADHD concentrate better after going for a walk in the park – and that going for a walk downtown or in an urban neighborhood doesn’t seem to have the same effect. That study only looked at kids, but as far as I’m concerned, we never outgrow nature!

So if you’re looking for something natural and green to add to your ADHD treatment plan, skip the weird herbs and try the free alternative: nature. It’s the best “natural” ADHD treatment there is!

Published by Meg Duke

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