When Grief Bleeds

Don’t rush.

Don’t be startled.

Don’t try to trick yourself into feeling happy and well again.

In fact, the best thing to do is nothing at all.

Breathe into it.

Exhale, out loud, if you are up for it.

Breathe in freedom.

Exhale the captivity grief seems to put your heart into.

Accept grief as a tool to make you a deeper soul, a more compassionate being, a wanderer and seeker of truths.

If you are in the thick of new grief, accepting feels like a violation to your right as a human being capable of love. Don’t go there. Be gentle on yourself, and breathe. One day at a time.

But if you are a little further out from your loss, these moments of grief “bleeding” out into your everyday life, that at one time seemed so impossible, still – remember to breathe. These moments make you human.

They make you real.

They make you vulnerable.

They also make you capable of anything.

They remind you how intimately you brushed shoulders with death.

They remind you how you have survived, and not only that but you have thrived.

Give your soul these moments to bleed out.

The vortex of grief demands your heart and soul from time to time. Grief is the cost of love, and one we pay so willingly.

Be okay with wherever these moments take you.

You will resurface again.

Stronger, better, braver.

-Franchesca Cox

Published by Meg Duke

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