March is Social Work Month!

March is #SocialWorkMonth! I appreciate the work so many of my colleagues are doing.

We are always learning and growing, and I know many of us have service of others as the main tenet of our careers!

I lied.

I lied. I totally cheated. I PROMISED myself (and every one of my podcast listeners) I was not going to buy this book until I finished Brené Brown’s #DaringGreatly.

But I was at target this morning after school drop off, having still not yet finished Daring Greatly, and it called to me.

Also, I listened to Brené and Ashley and Barrett do their three-part series on the book, and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy so I can immediately draw and sharpie and underline all over the place.

I will share tidbits as I progress!

Thoughts on humor by Luvvie

New Podcast Guest

I am elated to announce next week’s podcast guest is none other than trauma expert, Dr. Jenny Hughes! Stay tuned for more details on our discussion!

Take a chance.

If you’ve put in the work, it’s worth the ask!