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What DON’T we talk about on this episode today, y’all? In true, you’re my new best friend call me every 5 minutes, fashion, Shae and I get into a myriad of topics. From the systemic barriers that prevent people from joining our profession, to how consuming art can help lift us out of our survival mode woes, how tapping to sync electromagnetic energy of the heart and brain, and how we can work to decolonize therapy and stop performative allyship.

Trinity The Tuck also gets a mention in there. Future podcast guest alert? Let’s manifest that now!

We discuss the importance of giving oneself grace and the practice of self-love and acceptance. We discuss finding what feels good in your own body. We discuss why we were all so dang obsessed with Tiger King in 2020. And so much more.

Unstick That Energy, Purse First | Let’s Discuss… with Special Guest, @sharewithshae

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Contemptuous communication can lead to the demise of relationships, so much so that, in a study, John Gottman was able to predict partnerships likely to dissolve with 96% accuracy, just by observing the couple’s communication styles. Whoa!

I have taught a pyschoeducation on this topic for years, and I realized Gaslighting fits nicely into these Horsemen in some cases, so I tacked it on!
How do we recognize our maladaptive ways of communicating in our relationships? How do we work against those impulses and make intentional choices that are conducive to healthier relationships?

Also, because I know you were on the edge of your seat – It’s S2E17 The Kerkovich Way I was talking about from the show Happy Endings.

The 5 Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Let’s Discuss…


Do Better

With a couple of weeks break between summer and fall semester, I find myself with a bit of spare time to finally crack into #DoBetter by @iamrachelricketts.

“Pull up a chair, grab a pen, lay down your defenses, and listen respectfully… this is a book we all need.” @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

Anyone want to pull up a chair with me?

1 in 10.

Leaving this here for y’all today.

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Is anger a secondary emotion? Can you just be angry, or are you angry because you first felt something else?

In today’s episode, I discuss recognizing warning signs, when anger can be healthy, healthy expressions of anger, and the importance of balancing when to Let It Go and when to be assertive.

Anger is a Secondary Emotion | Let’s Discuss…

Celebrating #WorldIVFDay

And she’s licensed in New Mexico!

I’m delighted to have the chance to play some small part in the mental health journey of the people of this great state!

Let’s Discuss…

If you’re driving, maybe wait to do the #ProgressiveMuscleRelaxation until you get home. 😉

In another listener request, I go through what mindfulness means and how you can work to enact it more in your daily life. I also run through a script for PMR at the end!

*Please utilize PMR to the extent of your abilities. #LetsDiscussWithMeg

Summer Semester begins next week!

Summer semester starts next week! Up next for my adjunct professor life: SW 868 Assessing and Treating Suicide and Self-Harm.

The little pink tabs are all the possible quiz questions I’ve flagged. I’m excited for another semester to get rolling!

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