How we speak to ourselves matters.
This was one topic of discussion between Dr. Brene Brown on Glennon Doyle’s podcast. It’s tough to figure out the answer, and the answer is different for every one of us. Something to contemplate!


Pineapples for fertility!

My son hung the pineapple this year in honor of his sister and his adorable little self, as well as in memory of his siblings not with us earth-side.

The pineapple 🍍 is the symbol of hope for those who are trying to conceive and maintain a pregnancy. For centuries, the pineapple has been recognized as the symbol of hospitality and welcoming. It is now a powerful symbol for people who are trying to conceive (TTC) and working through fertility issues.

I purchased this pineapple ornament last year shortly after we lost sweet Baby B, in his memory, in memory of the two babies who went before him, in honor of the two babies I’m blessed to be raising, and in honor of my compatriots in the struggle against infertility.

It was a beautiful moment, earlier, getting to see my son hang it on our family tree.

1 in 7

You are not alone.

Brown Cow Stunning

Wise words from one of my favorite Queens. I need to keep this in mind as I continue to grow my business and find peaks and valleys. The one and only #BrownCowStunning @iammoniqueheart.