Celebrating #WorldIVFDay

And she’s licensed in New Mexico!

I’m delighted to have the chance to play some small part in the mental health journey of the people of this great state!

Let’s Discuss…

If you’re driving, maybe wait to do the #ProgressiveMuscleRelaxation until you get home. 😉

In another listener request, I go through what mindfulness means and how you can work to enact it more in your daily life. I also run through a script for PMR at the end!

*Please utilize PMR to the extent of your abilities. #LetsDiscussWithMeg

Summer Semester begins next week!

Summer semester starts next week! Up next for my adjunct professor life: SW 868 Assessing and Treating Suicide and Self-Harm.

The little pink tabs are all the possible quiz questions I’ve flagged. I’m excited for another semester to get rolling!

Rock Chalk!

Postpartum Stress Center Training!

Prepping for my training with the @postpartumstress this weekend! A lifelong learner, I am always excited to collaborate with fellow perinatal professionals and to gain more insight into how I can better help my clients!

Trauma, Round 2 | Let’s Discuss… with Dr. Jenny Hughes

Dr. Huge is BACK! We discuss the difference between Vicarious and Secondary Trauma, the importance of community, and why she prefers to call it a Dance of Life and Work rather than balance.

Further, we discuss Vicarious Resilience that can be found in helping professions that can aid us in remembering why we do the work we do, even when we experience some of the darkest times.

Trauma, Round 2 | Let’s Discuss… with Dr. Jenny Hughes
For those who listened to last week’s podcast – and if you haven’t, give it a listen and you’ll know what I’m referencing! – an update of my Mother’s Day flowers drying process!

I could not be more thrilled with how they turned out and am grateful to get to look at them all day I’m at my desk at work!
Recording some new ad reads for sponsors of #LetsDiscussWithMeg!

Quit with the Advice Already! | Let’s Discuss…

Y’all I’m on my soapbox today. Make sure you’re ready to hear my true thoughts on the things people think are useful to say to a person going through whatever their perinatal journey is.

I quote the book, The Art of Holding in Therapy, by Karen Kleiman, and I’m not going to spoil it for y’all, but suffice to say, telling someone to do yoga to combat fertility struggles is, say it with me, counterproductive.

Quit with the Advice Already! | Let’s Discuss…
As promised in this week’s #LetsDiscussWithMeg, the Mother’s Day flowers my son picked out for me!

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