The quieter you become…

I’ve talked about this a lot recently. We can dwell on the past or worry about the future, or we can work to train our focus on the here and now. Rumination and brooding about the past get us nowhere – we can’t change it. Fretting or having anticipatory anxiety about the future does usContinue reading “The quieter you become…”

7 years with my Clinical License!

7 years with my @aswbonline clinical licensure! What a ride it’s been since I first crossed the threshold of the @fordhamgss back in Fall 2011. A decade of clients, colleagues, stories, heartaches, stressors, triumphs, and lessons and lessons and lessons!

Big Time Adulting on Let’s Discuss!

“Get yourself a snack and have a great day!” On this week’s Let’s Discuss, Caitlin Murray of Big Time Adulting joins me to discuss why toddlers treat people like a**holes. We talk about other stuff, of course! We discuss how hanger is a real emotion and how it presents in children and adults alike; howContinue reading “Big Time Adulting on Let’s Discuss!”

Spring 2023!

Christmas in January…

Bought it. Hid it in my office. Fully forgot about it until January 13th. YourGoodEnoughMomma made it through the holidays and also never gave her husband his Christmas gift! Have you listened to #LetsDiscussWithMeg, Surviving the Holidays, Parts I & II yet? I know it’s January, and also, it’s never too early to get mentallyContinue reading “Christmas in January…”

It’s important not to judge…

The important thing is not to judge, kind of overall, right? More genius from @glennondoyle and #WeCanDoHardThings! As I always end the show, taken from #TedLasso, Be Curious, Not Judgmental!

Spring Semester, let’s go!

And we’re back! Almost. 😉 Prepping for my new semester at KU, teaching SW 811: Clinical Practice Strategies II! I’ll be using a number of texts, including the DBT Skills Training Manual by #MarshaLinehan and the Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders by Barlow, et. al. I am thrilled to spend some timeContinue reading “Spring Semester, let’s go!”

For 2023!

Borrowed from friend of the pod, @drjennhardy, I’m not a fan of giving advice, especially on social media, but here’s one I’ll give you for free! Follow more therapists on @instagram! If you’re a mental health professional, please drop a note below in comments so my followers can check out what you have to offer!Continue reading “For 2023!”

Modern Mom Probs | Let’s Discuss!

Did your Spotify 2022 Wrapped consist of the soundtracks from Trolls World Tour, Brave, and Turning Red? If so, you just may be a Default Caregiver. In this week’s episode, Tara Clark of and I dive into what it means to be to go-to parent, the one the kids seek most often to solve theirContinue reading “Modern Mom Probs | Let’s Discuss!”