Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, Will Only Make You Stronger?

-Dawn C. Carr MGS, PhD Rethinking what it means to be resilient. A few months ago, my father-in-law turned 80. As a gerontologist, I’m a big fan of celebrating major milestones when it comes to aging. But, for my father-in-law, I find this accomplishment more exceptional than usual. You see, we’ve suspected my father-in-law wasContinue reading “Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, Will Only Make You Stronger?”

How Old Are You, Really? And Does It Matter?

-Dawn C. Carr MGS, PhD Chronological age is not as relevant as it used to be. Apparently, my “real age” is five years younger than my actual chronological age, according to a popular online quiz. That probably means I should celebrate, right? I mean, younger IS better, isn’t it? Well, it depends on what you’reContinue reading “How Old Are You, Really? And Does It Matter?”

Is Your Intimate Partner Doing This Manipulative Behavior?

-Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD This is one game that makes you both losers in the game of love! Pete and Laurie  (names changed to protect confidentiality) were counseling clients of mine who were “Head Game Gamblers,” a destructive behavior I describe in my book, Why Can’t You Read My Mind? In their early dating days, for example, Joe would deliberately makeContinue reading “Is Your Intimate Partner Doing This Manipulative Behavior?”

Dads Play Important Role In Child Development

-Rick Nauert, PhD A new study defies the notion that mothers are the primary influence for a child’s social, language, and cognitive development. Michigan State University scholars discovered fathers play a surprisingly large role in their children’s maturation, from language and cognitive growth in toddlerhood to social skills in fifth grade. The research provides someContinue reading “Dads Play Important Role In Child Development”

Mid-Life Forgetfulness May Not Be Decline

-Rick Nauert, PhD A new study suggests memory decline in mid-life may be the result of a change in what information the brain focuses on during memory formation and retrieval, rather than a decline in brain function. Memory issues that often present during a person’s fourth decade include the inability to remember details such asContinue reading “Mid-Life Forgetfulness May Not Be Decline”

Mouse Study Provides New Understanding of OCD

-Rick Nauert, PhD New research on genetically altered mice suggests the overactivity of a brain transmitter may be the source of neurodevelopmental diseases and behavioral and thought disorders. Duke University researchers discovered a single type of receptor for the neurotransmitter glutamate in the brain is responsible for a range of symptoms in mice that areContinue reading “Mouse Study Provides New Understanding of OCD”

Perception of Physical Attractiveness Influenced by Relationship Status

-Rick Nauert, PhD New research suggests opposites do attract, that is, unless you are in a relationship. Specifically, if you are in a relationship you are more likely to be attracted to faces resembling your own, but for single people, opposites attract. In the study, Dr Jitka Lindová of Charles University in the Czech RepublicContinue reading “Perception of Physical Attractiveness Influenced by Relationship Status”

Patient’s Self-Rating of Health May Beat Medical Tests

-Janice Wood A new study shows that patients’ self-rated health is a better long-term predictor of illness and death than standard blood tests, blood pressure measurements, or other symptomatic evidence a doctor might gather. A research team led by Dr. Christopher Fagundes, a Rice University assistant professor of psychology, and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Kyle MurdockContinue reading “Patient’s Self-Rating of Health May Beat Medical Tests”

Danger Behind the Wheel as Emotions Explode

-Rick Nauert, PhD As Americans drive about the country on summer vacations, profound new research should give pause, or a warning, of behind the wheel behaviors. A newly released study finds that nearly 80 percent of drivers expressed significant anger, aggression, or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the past year. TheContinue reading “Danger Behind the Wheel as Emotions Explode”