How To Limit Rumination With Bipolar Disorder

-Lauren Walters


Ruminating with Bipolar Disorder can be a powerful cycle that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to individuals with Bipolar Disorder.  This article will provide readers with tips to limit rumination with Bipolar Disorder.  They include journaling, talking to others, and moving around.


The first tip to limit rumination is to journal.  When you journal, you write your thoughts and feelings out.  This enables you to see them on paper and understand why you are experiencing these thoughts and feelings.  Your thought process will also be clearer.  This may help to prevent rumination.

According to, the following can be mentioned about journaling to limit rumination:

Journal your worries. The process of writing can be very therapeutic. Seeing your worries written down may help you to discover themes to your anxiety. You may then have more clarity as to which issues to address first.

Talking To Others

In addition to journaling, another way to limit rumination is to talk to others about what you are thinking and feeling.  When you talk about what you are thinking and feeling, you are letting it out on the surface.  You are also receiving support from others.  This will provide you with a sense of relief and comfort.

According to, the following can be noted about talking to others to limit rumination:

Talk it out with others who understand. Sharing your worries on sites such as Anxiety Connection may help you to gain a different perspective on things which trouble you.

Moving Around

In addition to journaling and talking to others, another way to limit rumination with bipolar disorder is to move around and not sit around all day long.  When you sit around all day long and ruminate, you are not going to feel well about yourself.  You are going to begin to ruminate.  This is not going to help you at all.  Instead, move around.  Go out and take a walk.  This will help you feel better, as well.

According to, the following can be noted about moving around to limit rumination:

Don’t sit and worry in one setting. Get up and move. Go outside and go for a walk. Sometimes physical movement and getting a change of scenery can disrupt our thought patterns to allow for a new perspective or insights.

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