9 Steps for Reducing Stress this Holiday Season

-Julia Lehrman, LCSW, RYT December is officially upon us. With the holiday season in full swing, we are more likely to encounter the unforeseen travel delays, frustratingly long lines, and triggering interpersonal interactions that tend to be commonplace this time of year. These situations can push our buttons and test our limits. Here are someContinue reading “9 Steps for Reducing Stress this Holiday Season”

6 Ways to Anticipate and Defuse Holiday Stress

-Peg Streep The Halloween candy is marked down and the candy canes, keepsake ornaments, and all manner of Christmas paraphernalia, along with chocolate turkeys and Pilgrim hats, already line the shelves of my local drugstore. It’s not going to be long until the incessant bleat of canned Christmas carols fills the interior of every shop.Continue reading “6 Ways to Anticipate and Defuse Holiday Stress”