10 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Night

-Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

When we sit with ourselves, in silence, even for just a few minutes, we learn so much. Because how often, in a day, do you simply check in with yourself? How often do you sit in complete quiet and ponder how you’re feeling, how your day went, and what you need?

Below are ten questions that will help you do just that. Consider responding to these questions every night in your journal. Even ten minutes can be powerful. Ten minutes without any distractions. Ten minutes without a phone or the TV. Ten minutes without work or chores. Ten minutes of uninterrupted time to simply self-reflect. Ten minutes curled up on the couch. Or sitting at your desk with a candle. Or laying in bed with just your lamp on. Or sitting on the back porch staring at the sky. Ten minutes on your terms. For yourself.

  1. How do I feel about today?
  2. What did I learn (whether about myself or something else)?
  3. What did I really need today?
  4. Did I provide it?
  5. Where do I feel tension in my body?
  6. What was the predominant emotion I experienced today?
  7. What seems to underlie this emotion?
  8. Was I kind to myself today?
  9. If not, can I offer myself some compassion right now?
  10. What brought me joy, even if it’s a touch, a crumb, a speck of joy?

If these questions don’t resonate with you, write down your own list of ten or five or two questions that you think are important for you to consider every night. Because the key is to connect to yourself and to keep reconnecting every day. The key is to listen. Journaling is one way we can do that.

50 Journal Prompts for Exploring Your Favorite Things

-Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

Last week I shared 50 quick journal prompts to help us get to know ourselves a bit better. Below you’ll find 50 more prompts, which focus on your favorite things. As you’re gathering with your friends and family for the holidays, consider asking them to share their favorites, too. Often there are so many things we don’t know about each other because we simply don’t think to ask. This holiday season, consider asking—and be sure to share your own responses.

  1. your favorite way to spend a Sunday
  2. your favorite outfit
  3. your favorite cookie
  4. your favorite holiday tradition
  5. your favorite podcast
  6. your favorite sound
  7. your favorite color
  8. your favorite flower
  9. your favorite book
  10. your favorite movie
  11. your favorite dance move
  12. your favorite holiday memory
  13. your favorite memory overall
  14. your favorite thing you’ve ever made
  15. your favorite museum
  16. your favorite way to give
  17. your favorite trip to take
  18. your favorite person to talk to
  19. your favorite dinner to eat when it’s cold out
  20. your favorite quote
  21. your favorite thing to look at
  22. your favorite act of self-compassion (if you don’t have any, how about trying these three practices or these three practices)
  23. your favorite kind of weather
  24. your favorite poem
  25. your favorite way to brighten your day or someone else’s (if you need a few ideas, here are nine to try)
  26. your favorite time of the day
  27. your favorite fabric
  28. your favorite word
  29. your favorite way to practice self-care
  30. your favorite place to rest
  31. your favorite photo
  32. your favorite beverage
  33. your favorite blog
  34. your favorite way to play
  35. your favorite piece of jewelry
  36. your favorite work of art
  37. your favorite dream
  38. your favorite mistake
  39. your favorite part of your body
  40. your favorite topic to read about
  41. your favorite gift
  42. your favorite way to feel loved
  43. your favorite way to move your body
  44. your favorite song to relax to
  45. your favorite song to dance to like no one’s watching
  46. your favorite voice
  47. your favorite holiday scent
  48. your favorite scent in general
  49. your favorite thing to read when you need a pick-me-up or pep talk
  50. your favorite place to hang out, where you can genuinely be yourself

If you’re not sure about a particular favorite thing, then do some exploring and experimenting. And if you are sure, then try to make time to make that favorite thing a more frequent part of your days.