Mind-Body Practices Can Ease Early Memory Loss

-Rick Nauert, PhD A recent pilot study of adults with early memory loss suggests simple mind-body practices may help to mitigate or even reverse early memory loss in older adults. The West Virginia University research team discovered the practice of meditation, or a music listening program, may have multiple benefits for older adults with preclinicalContinue reading “Mind-Body Practices Can Ease Early Memory Loss”

Small Study Shows Memory Loss from Alzheimer’s Can Be Reversed

A small trial of 10 patients has found that broad-based treatment with personalized therapy can reverse memory loss from Alzheimer’s disease. Results from quantitative MRI and neuropsychological testing show “unprecedented” improvements in the patients with early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or its precursors following the treatment, according to researchers from the Buck Institute for Research onContinue reading “Small Study Shows Memory Loss from Alzheimer’s Can Be Reversed”