The 5 Ways Emotional Neglect Causes Borderline Personality Disorder

-Jonice Webb, PhD Sylvia Sylvia sits with her head in her hands and tears rolling down her cheeks. “Here I am again, all alone. Why can’t I trust anyone? Why does the world hate me so much?” she cries in tearful despair. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): A lifelong pattern of unstable moods, unstable relationships, unpredictableContinue reading “The 5 Ways Emotional Neglect Causes Borderline Personality Disorder”

A Step-Child’s Guide to Step-Parenting

Comments from the Teen’s World -Paul C. Holinger, MD I first met my step-father when I was five, and my brothers were eleven and thirteen. He was not my step-father back then, of course, and would not officially marry my mother for another seven years, but within a year he had assumed the role ofContinue reading “A Step-Child’s Guide to Step-Parenting”

How Gratitude Changes the Brain – And How to Make it Work For You

-Dr. Hazel Harrison Last year I wrote an article called ‘How To Teach Your Kids About The Brain’ that I hoped a few of my friends might see… to date, it’s actually been read over 100,000 times. I continue to get emails about it from people all over the world, commenting on my ideas andContinue reading “How Gratitude Changes the Brain – And How to Make it Work For You”

Reader Beware – What to Look for in a Parenting Article

-Megan Stonelake Recently I was browsing Pinterest, and I noticed a litany of “how-to” parenting articles throughout my feed. Since that day I’ve consistently observed the same pattern each time I visit the website. Article after article, I find tips about how to make our children stop doing something we don’t like or teach ourContinue reading “Reader Beware – What to Look for in a Parenting Article”

Dealing with Big Feelings – Teaching Kids How to Self-Regulate

-Karen, Hey Sigmund Life with a small human can be hilarious, wonderful, ridiculous and unpredictable. And wild – so wild. All kids are capable of ‘bewildering’ behaviours that can bring the strongest of us to our knees. These behaviours can take different forms. There are the ones that can be seen through the eye of aContinue reading “Dealing with Big Feelings – Teaching Kids How to Self-Regulate”

Healing from Sexual Assault

-Sharie Stines, Psy. D “Resilience, rather than pathology should become the standard expectation in the aftermath of trauma.” –Aaron Levin Are you a victim, parent, or in a counseling capacity, wondering how to help yourself or your loved one cope with the trauma and horror of sexual assault?  Whether the crime was child molestation, rape,Continue reading “Healing from Sexual Assault”

Can Leopards Change Their Spots?

-Linda Sapadin, PhD At the end of a frustrating therapy session, Emma turned to her husband and said, “you’ll never change.” Feeling defeated, she then turned to me and said, “My mother always said, ‘a leopard doesn’t change its spots.’ Now I see what she means. Do you think that people ever really change theContinue reading “Can Leopards Change Their Spots?”

Top 5 Most Common Myths about Taking Antidepressants

Don’t be ashamed to get the help you need — however you need it. As a person who has depression, is on medications, and is in therapy (I swear, I’m sane!), I’ve had many people comment on my use of antidepressants, or spout myths around me about medications for depression that simply aren’t true. To putContinue reading “Top 5 Most Common Myths about Taking Antidepressants”

5 Crucial Reasons You Should Talk More

Have you ever been sitting on a subway or plane and felt annoyed because the person next to you keeps trying to chat and chat and chat? One thing we know about human nature is that there are introverts and extroverts in this world, and everyone falls somewhere on that continuum. Some people seem toContinue reading “5 Crucial Reasons You Should Talk More”

What’s Your Fatal Flaw?

-Jonice Webb, PhD Thousands of fine people walk through their lives harboring a terrible secret. A secret that is buried deep inside them, surrounded and protected by a cocoon of shame. A secret that harms no one, but does great damage to themselves. A secret with immense power and endurance. It’s their Fatal Flaw. AContinue reading “What’s Your Fatal Flaw?”