Perfectionism and Certain Thought Patterns Predict Binge Eating

-Neil Petersen Who is most at risk for engaging in binge eating, or compulsive overeating? Two articles published in the January edition of the journal Eating Behaviors are shedding light on this question. The first, by researchers from Canada, homes in on the link between binge eating and perfectionism. Previous research has suggested a connectionContinue reading “Perfectionism and Certain Thought Patterns Predict Binge Eating”

Stop Overeating by Learning How to Manage Your Energy

-Ann Kearney Cook You can do it! Join me in my office as I consult with Sharon (name changed for privacy), a 32-year old unmarried woman with a history of depression and binge eating. When we first met, Sharon reported that while she’d had solid control of her eating habits for five years, over theContinue reading “Stop Overeating by Learning How to Manage Your Energy”

Our ‘Second Brain’ – And Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mood

-Karen, Hey Sigmund Hidden in the walls of our digestive system is something extraordinary. Scientists have known about it for a while, but new technology is taking the research to the cutting edge. What is being discovered there will revolutionise the way we think about mental and physical health. What happens in our head has aContinue reading “Our ‘Second Brain’ – And Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mood”

An Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool to Help You Stop Emotional Eating

-Karina Melvin, MSc, MA                   We are all familiar with the term “emotional eating” and it’s the number one reason why people eat when they are not hungry. I’m going to share an effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tool which will help you address the triggers that leadContinue reading “An Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool to Help You Stop Emotional Eating”

Why You Eat Too Much…and What Can Help

Flogging yourself to diet won’t work. I’m one of those people who eat too much. I’m hoping that writing this will help me as well as you. 1.  Do you rationalize eating fattening things?  For example, when I have spare time and I’m near a favorite restaurant, I rationalize, “Well, I have time to killContinue reading “Why You Eat Too Much…and What Can Help”

The Surprising Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

If you’ve been reading my blog for a month or more, you know that I have found nutrition to be a powerful force in my recovery from depression. Since 2008, I haven’t responded to medications or have had only a minimal, partial response, so I have been on a mission — for myself and for theContinue reading “The Surprising Role of Nutrition in Mental Health”

Schools Out, But the Same Rules Apply!

Tips for preventing summer weight gain in children Some may blame the school lunch food and lack of recess during the year for the increased rates of overweight and obesity during childhood. With many budget cuts, gym classes are one of the first classes to get the boot. Children end up being sedentary most ofContinue reading “Schools Out, But the Same Rules Apply!”

Boredom Leads to Unhealthy Food Choices

Bored? Then you are more likely to reach for fatty and sugary foods. That’s something that we’ve all known for years, but now there is scientific data that proves it. That data was recently presented at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society by Dr. Sandi Mann from the University of Central Lancashire inContinue reading “Boredom Leads to Unhealthy Food Choices”

Mistakes Parents Make When Feeding Their Kids

Tried and true ways to avoid common pitfalls at the family table. Whether your children are overweight, underweight, or perfectly fine, you probably still worry about how they’re eating. Here are 7 common mistakes parents make and how to avoid them. Mistake #1: Encouraging Kids to Join the “Clean Plate Club” For the most part,Continue reading “Mistakes Parents Make When Feeding Their Kids”

Guest Post: Making Health a Habit

I’m sure that at some point, someone has reminded you that it takes three weeks to make or break a habit. Want to quit biting those nails? Keep them away from your face for three weeks and more than likely you’ll forget all about chewing on your fingers. Want to make drinking more water part of your dailyContinue reading “Guest Post: Making Health a Habit”