Perfectionism and Certain Thought Patterns Predict Binge Eating

-Neil Petersen Who is most at risk for engaging in binge eating, or compulsive overeating? Two articles published in the January edition of the journal Eating Behaviors are shedding light on this question. The first, by researchers from Canada, homes in on the link between binge eating and perfectionism. Previous research has suggested a connectionContinue reading “Perfectionism and Certain Thought Patterns Predict Binge Eating”

A Sure-Fire Way to Silence Your Inner Critic

You can learn to dis-identify from the inner critic voice in your head. Most of us have been conditioned from childhood to be our own harshest critics. That inner judge can shadow us, scrutinizing our every move and making us quite miserable. For years, I’ve been working on turning the inner critic into an innerContinue reading “A Sure-Fire Way to Silence Your Inner Critic”

Never Good Enough

If you’re so displeased with yourself, both mentally and physically, it’s not so mysterious that you’re falling into two common cognitive traps: perfectionism and self-downing. Feeling better about who you are as a person means talking to yourself respectfully and rationally. You wouldn’t speak so harshly to your worst enemy. Calling yourself names doesn’t help,Continue reading “Never Good Enough”