Death, Wealth, and the Psychological Anatomy of a Family Dispute

-Darren T. Case From the fifteenth century dispute over the succession to the British throne ultimately won by Queen Elizabeth I over her familial rival, Mary, Queen of Scots, to the more recent dispute amongst the Koch children fighting over their father’s $5.6 billion dollar fortune, death and disputes over a family’s wealth have beenContinue reading “Death, Wealth, and the Psychological Anatomy of a Family Dispute”

Stronger Family Ties Linked to Longer Life

-Janice Wood For older adults, having more or closer family members decreases the likelihood of death, according to a new study. But the study, presented at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA), found that having a larger or closer group of friends does not impact that likelihood. “We found that olderContinue reading “Stronger Family Ties Linked to Longer Life”

Income Inequality Linked to Millennials Having Babies Before Marriage

-Janice Wood New research finds that rising income inequality, and a scarcity of certain types of jobs, are key reasons many young Americans are having babies before getting married. A study led by Johns Hopkins University sociologist Dr. Andrew J. Cherlin traces how the income gap affects individual choices about starting a family. The study concludesContinue reading “Income Inequality Linked to Millennials Having Babies Before Marriage”

If You Don’t Have a Father Today…

Maybe you don’t have a dad to meet with today. It’s your day, too. Maybe you don’t have a father anymore, or feel like you never did. Maybe you never knew him, or maybe he was never around enough to know – emotionally, mentally, or spiritually – even if he was often physically in theContinue reading “If You Don’t Have a Father Today…”