Trauma is an Experience, Not an Event

-Santiago Delboy, MBA, MSW, LSW, S-PSB It seems like “trauma” has become one of those household terms everyone talks about. I took a look at the number of average monthly Google searches for “trauma” in the U.S., and found that it has grown 22% in only one year. As with other terms that became mainstream (forContinue reading “Trauma is an Experience, Not an Event”

How to Recognize the Signs of Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD)

Posttraumatic stress, or PTSD as it is more commonly referred to, is a serious condition that affects many people worldwide. As June is PTSD Awareness Month, learning more about this condition can be helpful in order to gain a better understanding of the struggles that many individuals deal with on a daily basis. Although PTSDContinue reading “How to Recognize the Signs of Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD)”

Talking Out Military Sexual Trauma

Sexual abuse led one vet to a VA career counseling other MSA victims.             Jennifer Sluga,  six-year veteran of the Wisconsin National Guard, originally participated in the VA’s new oral history program to help her caregivers understand her military sexual trauma, but her ordeal made her a strong advocate for others who had been assaulted.Continue reading “Talking Out Military Sexual Trauma”

Why Are Some Soldiers With Combat Stress More Resilient ?

Genetic differences may explain the difference, two new studies find. Scientists in San Diego, Calif., think they have at least one of the answers to a question that has puzzled psychologists for years: why some soldiers are more resilient to combat stress than others. They believe the answer is in their genes. After studying theContinue reading “Why Are Some Soldiers With Combat Stress More Resilient ?”

Sexual Effects of Sexual Abuse

It is now known that sexual abuse is a primary risk factor in sexual health, dysfunction, and intimacy problems. Some of the more common sexual problems linked to sexual abuse are: * low sexual desire * chronic sexual pain * sexually transmitted infections * unwanted pregnancy * compulsive sexual behavior * hi-risk sexual activity *Continue reading “Sexual Effects of Sexual Abuse”

If You Don’t Have a Father Today…

Maybe you don’t have a dad to meet with today. It’s your day, too. Maybe you don’t have a father anymore, or feel like you never did. Maybe you never knew him, or maybe he was never around enough to know – emotionally, mentally, or spiritually – even if he was often physically in theContinue reading “If You Don’t Have a Father Today…”

Helping a Partner, Relative or Child who is Recovering from Trauma

Trauma can be described as a mental injury that is stored in the body and the brain. It’s an experience that overwhelms our natural ability to cope effectively. Managing the symptoms and daily experience of trauma recovery can be a constant battle, for both the survivor and those around them. Here are some information aboutContinue reading “Helping a Partner, Relative or Child who is Recovering from Trauma”

Margaret Cho Wants You to Embrace Your Darkness

Using creativity to cope and connect Margaret Cho has been finding ways to entertain us for decades. From her stand-up routines, such as The Notorious C.H.O.; to her books, such as I’m The One That I Want; to her roles in films such as Face/Off, Cho continues to come up with new ways to exploreContinue reading “Margaret Cho Wants You to Embrace Your Darkness”