What Forgiveness is, Really.

The idea of forgiveness is a common misconception amongst a number of my students and clients. When I mention the word “forgiveness” in response to a client’s experience of a particularly nasty betrayal, I’m frequently either laughed at or met with irritability. The thing is, forgiveness is not dropping the subject and never broaching itContinue reading “What Forgiveness is, Really.”

Muhammad Ali and Where Determination Lives in the Brain

How hard we push ourselves is linked to our assessment of risk and reward. Widely known by the moniker “The Greatest of All Time”, Muhammad Ali has died at age 74. He was born as Cassius Clay Jr. in 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky and went on to win the 1960 Olympic light heavyweight gold medalContinue reading “Muhammad Ali and Where Determination Lives in the Brain”

Become engaged in your life again

Nearly everyone experiences periods of depression, anxiety, frustration, or feeling stuck, and deciding to seek help is the first, most audacious step in a person’s mental health journey. Licensed in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Florida, Iowa, and New Mexico, I specialize in the mental health and well-being of individuals and their families in the reproductiveContinue reading “Become engaged in your life again”