Big Time Adulting on Let’s Discuss!

“Get yourself a snack and have a great day!”

On this week’s Let’s Discuss, Caitlin Murray of Big Time Adulting joins me to discuss why toddlers treat people like a**holes.

We talk about other stuff, of course! We discuss how hanger is a real emotion and how it presents in children and adults alike; how Caitlin and I both, if we aren’t eating, we are thinking about the next time we get to eat; and the trauma that is taking energetic and beautifully wild children out in public spaces.

We also discuss building validating communities where we can vent, seek credible advice (note I said, “seek,” not where we receive unsolicited advice), and be vulnerable. And, as always, boundaries get discussed, because we all need them.

Big Time Adulting | Let’s Discuss! @bigtimeadulting

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