Today is Trans Day of Visibility! 🏳️‍⚧️

While I’m sure it can be difficult to feel validated and supported during these wild times, I hope all of our Trans siblings out there know we see you, we support you, we love you for exactly whomever YOU tell us you are! Your presence is a gift to the world, and we are luckyContinue reading “Today is Trans Day of Visibility! 🏳️‍⚧️”

Out of Office

We’re off to Oxford! The parents have taken the kids, so momma & dad are taking full advantage of the time with some friends and some sport! Husband went to Ole Miss, I am a proud Boilermaker. It’s been since 1929 since Purdue and Ole Miss played (which we won, no big deal), so whenContinue reading “Out of Office”

Your friendly Wednesday reminder

Today’s social worker spotlight is @thompson.counseling! Hop over to Leslie’s profile and see what she’s talking about!

Intention for the week:

Be in the here & now, make mindful responses to situations sans judgment, let things be.

Remembered I have a KC shirt! From donating blood. @kccommunityblood Let’s go, @chiefs! ❤️💛

This one is mostly for me. I’m talking to myself. But am I also talking to you, honey? Validation and hunger games salutes, team. Normalize the ordinary and enjoying the beauty of the everyday. Think I might print this one to stare at in my office, because practice is for sure gonna make progress onContinue reading

Mrs. Affleck coming in hot with a moment of realization. I know I can relate. How about you? @jlo

Therapy for Moms | Let’s Discuss!

Jennifer Summerfledt, MA in Counselling Psychology, Certified Canadian Counsellor, Chief Empathy Officer of ASK Therapy for Moms, student of direct entry midwifery, and all-around perinatal mental health champion, joins me for a chat this week on Let’s Discuss… Jennifer educates the team on polyvagal therapy, the wandering nerve, visualization, the importance of completing the stressContinue reading “Therapy for Moms | Let’s Discuss!”

The quieter you become…

I’ve talked about this a lot recently. We can dwell on the past or worry about the future, or we can work to train our focus on the here and now. Rumination and brooding about the past get us nowhere – we can’t change it. Fretting or having anticipatory anxiety about the future does usContinue reading “The quieter you become…”