My husband arranges a photographer every year for Mother’s Day, and while I don’t show my kids’ faces or names on my professional page, I couldn’t resist sharing this beauty. Definitely got this one printed!

Hello, Evergreen State!

Hello, Evergreen State! In honor of becoming licensed to practice in Washington, I found this, my favorite photo I took during my trip to Seattle, Sunnyside, and Woodinville. I mean, where’s the lie, amirite? 😉

LeakyCon, here we come!

The Bibliotherapy crew have submitted our presenter profiles and our panel confirmation and are ready for August! Presenting a @leakycon panel on mental health has been a dream of mine since we first attended the Dallas conventions more than a few years ago. The Wizarding World has meant so much to so many, often givingContinue reading “LeakyCon, here we come!”

Friendly reminder, team.

You do you, boo. Let others do them, boo. 😉 Life is too short to muck around in other people’s weeds.

Sitting with the tension of more than one thing can be difficult. And you’re also very much able to do it, if you allow yourself the space. Sometimes, when I feel grouchy about my kids’ behavior (see also, when I am in a complaining space), I feel that makes me ungrateful for my children, givenContinue reading

April is #csectionawarenessmonth!

Be curious, not judgmental. If you have questions about c sections, certainly ask them! But please never assume a c section is “taking the easy way out” of giving birth. Recovering from a surgery that slices through 7 layers of tissue and muscle and fat with a brand new baby to keep alive is anythingContinue reading “April is #csectionawarenessmonth!”

Not excited to wear my IU “fine academic regalia” because I am a Boilermaker through and through, but I am thrilled to be able to join my students as they graduate with their MSWs this May! Rock Chalk, Social Workers! @kuschoolofsocialwelfare

A Conversation with a Somatic Sex Therapist

This week, Natashia Fuksman, MFT, CST, joins me to discuss paying homage to our bodies and our sense of self in relation to others, holding space and normalizing the differences in our bodies after pregnancy and giving birth, and steps to begin healing relationally. Natashia is genuinely the boss of metaphors and providing different vantageContinue reading “A Conversation with a Somatic Sex Therapist”

Today is Trans Day of Visibility! 🏳️‍⚧️

While I’m sure it can be difficult to feel validated and supported during these wild times, I hope all of our Trans siblings out there know we see you, we support you, we love you for exactly whomever YOU tell us you are! Your presence is a gift to the world, and we are luckyContinue reading “Today is Trans Day of Visibility! 🏳️‍⚧️”

Out of Office

We’re off to Oxford! The parents have taken the kids, so momma & dad are taking full advantage of the time with some friends and some sport! Husband went to Ole Miss, I am a proud Boilermaker. It’s been since 1929 since Purdue and Ole Miss played (which we won, no big deal), so whenContinue reading “Out of Office”