A Conversation with a Somatic Sex Therapist

This week, Natashia Fuksman, MFT, CST, joins me to discuss paying homage to our bodies and our sense of self in relation to others, holding space and normalizing the differences in our bodies after pregnancy and giving birth, and steps to begin healing relationally.

Natashia is genuinely the boss of metaphors and providing different vantage points to look at and consider significant issues in a new way. This episode includes relating postpartum to puberty, toddlers learning what their yeses and no’s are and how that relates to sexual encounters postpartum, a way for non-birthing people to contemplate how a birthing person’s relationship with their own body can change, and generally, how to reconceptualize sexuality in its different forms.

I could have chatted with them for another hour and hope to have them back on again in the near future, but for now, please enjoy this Conversation with Natashia Fuksman, Somatic Sex Therapist!

Let’s Discuss! @feminist_sex_therapist

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Published by Meg Duke

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