April is #csectionawarenessmonth!

Be curious, not judgmental.

If you have questions about c sections, certainly ask them! But please never assume a c section is “taking the easy way out” of giving birth.

Recovering from a surgery that slices through 7 layers of tissue and muscle and fat with a brand new baby to keep alive is anything but easy.

And the fact that so many people who have had c sections feel the need to defend this is telling that our society continues to struggle with being judgmental.

My water broke with my son just after midnight on his due date. Labor stalled and, long story short, ended in a c section.

With my daughter, the c section was planned, and dare I say it, it was almost luxurious! But that’s another story for another day, because I have lots to say about it.

I am sad for the things I missed out on with a vaginal birth experience but am above all grateful my babies came to me safely. I’m grateful for the surgeons who took good care of me and my children as they made their way earth-side.

If you find yourself feeling judgmental of a person who had a c section, take a moment and ask yourself what is causing that line of thinking and if it is genuinely helpful in your life.

And for those fellow birthing people whose babies were Ziplocked out of them, as I like to call it, I salute you in April and in every month!

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