Productive Fidgets: 8 Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Depression

-Liz Briggs As a person with active and severe mental illness, for six months I worked with a service animal. When I weaned off of his care, I transitioned to things that would keep my hands busy, things that would keep me from absentmindedly scratching myself or picking at my skin. I tried things likeContinue reading “Productive Fidgets: 8 Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Depression”

3 Counterintuitive ADHD Coping Strategies

-Neil Petersen ADHD doesn’t always make sense. At least, it doesn’t always make sense the way you expect it to. If the common-sense ADHD coping techniques aren’t working, maybe it’s time to try the non-common-sense strategies. Here are 3 counterintuitive ADHD coping strategies. Working in noisy places: If people with ADHD have trouble concentrating, clearlyContinue reading “3 Counterintuitive ADHD Coping Strategies”

How Pokémon Go Can Help with Anxiety, Depression

I have to admit it. I’m 31. Officially out of the “youthful” age group, according to some of my favorite students. “Mrs. Meg, no one uses Facebook anymore. That’s for old people.” Fair enough.  So I must venture further to confirm that I am not all too shot down with playing the new Pokémon Go.Continue reading “How Pokémon Go Can Help with Anxiety, Depression”

Tell Me More About These “Coping Skills” of which You Speak

Ask any kiddo who’s ever been in inpatient or outpatient mental health treatment, especially the ones still in single digit ages, what they should do when they feel (insert unhealthy emotion here), and you’ll get a pretty ubiquitous response: “Use my coping skills!” Well, my little friends, you’d be fantastically right. But, what are copingContinue reading “Tell Me More About These “Coping Skills” of which You Speak”