15 Kinds of Verbal Abuse

The abuser feels more powerful when he puts down his victim. Berit Brogarrd D.M.Sci, Ph.D In general, if we look at verbal abuse as a means of maintaining control and Power Over, then in this context all of the categories of verbal abuse listed and explained below make some kind of sense because they areContinue reading “15 Kinds of Verbal Abuse”

What It Means When You Have a Bad Dream About Your Partner

Accurate or not, nightmares about your partner can be bad for your relationship. Michelle Carr Almost all dreams contain social situations, and most of these dreamed interactions involve friends, family, and frequently, our romantic partners. Some dream researchers believe that dreaming of a friend or partner acts as a simulation of a real-life relationship, andContinue reading “What It Means When You Have a Bad Dream About Your Partner”

Stronger Family Ties Linked to Longer Life

-Janice Wood For older adults, having more or closer family members decreases the likelihood of death, according to a new study. But the study, presented at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA), found that having a larger or closer group of friends does not impact that likelihood. “We found that olderContinue reading “Stronger Family Ties Linked to Longer Life”

Sleep Can Impact Relationship Satisfaction

-Rick Nauert, PhD New research discovers that when husbands and wives get more sleep than on an average night, they are more satisfied with their marriages — at least the following day. In the study, Florida State University psychology professor Dr. Jim McNulty and graduate student Heather Maranges hypothesize that sleep is linked to self-regulation orContinue reading “Sleep Can Impact Relationship Satisfaction”

The Science Behind a Successful Single Life

-Janice Wood A new study has found that single people have richer social lives and more psychological growth than married people. “The preoccupation with the perils of loneliness can obscure the profound benefits of solitude,” said Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., a scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a regular Psych Central blogger. “ItContinue reading “The Science Behind a Successful Single Life”

Future Focus Can Help Couples Ease Conflict

-Rick Nauert, PhD New research finds that thinking about the future helps couples focus on their feelings and reasoning strategies. “When romantic partners argue over things like finances, jealousy, or other interpersonal issues, they tend to employ their current feelings as fuel for a heated argument. By envisioning their relationship in the future, people can shiftContinue reading “Future Focus Can Help Couples Ease Conflict”

Your Relationship’s Personality

-Mark B. Borg, Jr, Ph.D., Grant H. Brenner, MD, & Daniel Berry, RN, MHA How does a relationship go about “self-improvement?” Every relationship has its own personality, that is, a “quality” or “character” distinct from the traits each individual brings to the table. Though this idea may seem strange, it’s a straightforward concept from theContinue reading “Your Relationship’s Personality”

Facial Characteristics May Influence Perception of Honesty

-Rick Nauert, PhD Can you look at someone and tell if they are honest? Many of us believe we can and a new Canadian study explains why we have this perception (accurate or not). Researchers determined that certain facial features, not the expression, influence whether people think someone is trustworthy. That is, some people mayContinue reading “Facial Characteristics May Influence Perception of Honesty”

Why You Can’t Eat (or Can’t Stop Eating) After a Breakup

-Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH Investigating the gut-brain response We often find what we need when we’re not looking for it. That’s how it was for me today, spending a lazy Sunday searching the scientific literature for research related to “communication about feelings” (isn’t that what everyone does on Sundays?). Instead of finding research related toContinue reading “Why You Can’t Eat (or Can’t Stop Eating) After a Breakup”

Why Many Men Have Difficulty Compromising

-Janice Wood New research from Boston College finds that compromise always occurs among two decision-makers when a woman is involved, but hardly ever when the pair of decision-makers are men. “When men are in the presence of other men, they feel the need to prove their masculinity,” said co-researcher Dr. Hristina Nikolova, the Coughlin SesquicentennialContinue reading “Why Many Men Have Difficulty Compromising”