Hello, Evergreen State!

Hello, Evergreen State! In honor of becoming licensed to practice in Washington, I found this, my favorite photo I took during my trip to Seattle, Sunnyside, and Woodinville. I mean, where’s the lie, amirite? 😉

Mrs. Affleck coming in hot with a moment of realization. I know I can relate. How about you? @jlo

Spring 2023!

Anniversary Times!

Yes! Walk away!

Fall Semester Begins!

Let’s Discuss…

What DON’T we talk about on this episode today, y’all? In true, you’re my new best friend call me every 5 minutes, fashion, Shae and I get into a myriad of topics. From the systemic barriers that prevent people from joining our profession, to how consuming art can help lift us out of our survivalContinue reading “Let’s Discuss…”

New episode

Do Better

With a couple of weeks break between summer and fall semester, I find myself with a bit of spare time to finally crack into #DoBetter by @iamrachelricketts. “Pull up a chair, grab a pen, lay down your defenses, and listen respectfully… this is a book we all need.” @elizabeth_gilbert_writer Anyone want to pull up aContinue reading “Do Better”

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