Sustainable Self-Care Challenge!

I suggest we form a calming circle! @hocuspocusdisney

This is not a fashion page, but I am participating in @braveproviders Sustainable Self-Care Challenge this week, and I wanted to share that info and this piece with y’all!

I had initially wanted to make a Calming Circle shirt of sorts on my cricut, because duh, therapist, and also, love me some Hocus Pocus, but on a @joann_stores trip with a gal pal, I saw this fabric and diverted plans.

I am, at times, deeply guilty of crafting hubris, which has on more than one occasion seen me in a much worse mood than before I started a project. Fair enough.

But generally, sewing and crafting soothe me. I have a weekly standing zoom call with girlfriends every Wednesday where we process the previous week, discuss future plans, and generally have a lovely kiki, and I’m almost always exclusively sitting at my sewing table.

Rest is productive. 🗣️ Hear me say that! And also, making things with my own hands, especially things I or my family can wear, give me pride and calm the nerves.

What are some things YOU can try to incorporate for a Sustainable Self-Care Challenge moment?? #sustainableselfcarechallenge #braveproviders

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