Sleepy Teens 4.5 Times More Likely to Commit Crimes as Adults

-Traci Pedersen Teenagers who feel sleepy in the middle of the day are more likely to engage in antisocial behaviors, such as lying, cheating, stealing, and fighting. Now, a new study shows that those same teens are 4.5 times more likely to commit serious crimes as adults. “It’s the first study to our knowledge toContinue reading “Sleepy Teens 4.5 Times More Likely to Commit Crimes as Adults”

The 3 Most Dangerous Things to Say in a Relationship

-Harriet Pappenheim, LCSW Almost every relationship article mentions the Big C: Communication. But what if your words are doing more harm than good? Language is a powerful force, and what you say to your partner on impulse could be doing a great deal of damage. Here are the top three most dangerous phrases to let slipContinue reading “The 3 Most Dangerous Things to Say in a Relationship”

6 Tips to Manage Workplace Anxiety

-Joe Wilner There can be a lot to worry about when it comes to our careers. Anxiety can arise from toxic co-workers, unstable working conditions, financial uncertainty, and distress about not performing up to par. Some anxiety is healthy and keeps us motivated, but if anxiety becomes persistent and excessive it can disrupt our daily performanceContinue reading “6 Tips to Manage Workplace Anxiety”

What Do You Really Crave When You’re Lonely?

-Kira Asatryan Starting now, you really can stop being lonely. I’ve struggled with feelings of loneliness my whole life. It’s a big part of why I decided to become a relationship coach. I wanted to understand why some of my relationships felt more substantial than others. I wanted to understand why sometimes I relished beingContinue reading “What Do You Really Crave When You’re Lonely?”

My Struggle to Stop Expecting the Worst Outcomes

-Sarah Burleton I would bet that anyone reading this blog has a “what if” thought run through their head at least once or twice a day. “What if there is an accident on the way to school? What road will I take so I’m not late?” “What if my car won’t start?” “What if I haveContinue reading “My Struggle to Stop Expecting the Worst Outcomes”

Perfectionism and Certain Thought Patterns Predict Binge Eating

-Neil Petersen Who is most at risk for engaging in binge eating, or compulsive overeating? Two articles published in the January edition of the journal Eating Behaviors are shedding light on this question. The first, by researchers from Canada, homes in on the link between binge eating and perfectionism. Previous research has suggested a connectionContinue reading “Perfectionism and Certain Thought Patterns Predict Binge Eating”

My Toxic Relationship Recovery Resolutions

-Sharie Stines, PhD Are you are in a toxic relationship and find yourself repeating the same old negative patterns over and over again? Do you find yourself feeling like you’re walking on eggshells when your toxic person is in your space? Or when thinking about this particular person do you find yourself feeling knots inContinue reading “My Toxic Relationship Recovery Resolutions”

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Night

-Margarita Tartakovsky, MS When we sit with ourselves, in silence, even for just a few minutes, we learn so much. Because how often, in a day, do you simply check in with yourself? How often do you sit in complete quiet and ponder how you’re feeling, how your day went, and what you need? BelowContinue reading “10 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Night”

6 Ways to Banish Anxiety and Speak Up In Meetings at Work

-Melody Wilding, LMSW Another meeting is coming up at work, and you’re dreading it. Like so many professionals — probably many more than you realize  —  it’s not a comfortable environment for you. Maybe you’re shy, introverted, or you genuinely enjoy listening to others’ ideas. Perhaps it’s important to you to show respect by deferringContinue reading “6 Ways to Banish Anxiety and Speak Up In Meetings at Work”

27 Signs of Superficial Relationships

-Mike Bundrant Warning: This post is one person’s opinion about the signs of superficial relationships: An opinion piece made up by the author. It’s not clinical, scientific, or based on research. It’s opinion, informed only by experience. There is nothing wrong with superficial relationships. Not every connection in life can be deep and emotionally engaging.Continue reading “27 Signs of Superficial Relationships”